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We offer the most comprehensive Weighted Blanket Reviews and resources on the market today.
All our weighted blanket reviews are unbiased, un-sponsored and as objective as possible – we are all humans, after all.

WeightedJournal.com thoroughly reviews and test each weighted blanket we receive. Each review is written after personally testing each weighted blanket for a week. It is a very time-consuming and tedious process but it allows me to be as objective and true as possible about each product we put to the test and review afterward.

We don’t accept sponsored reviews or posts – that is not our mission. Our mission is to put, if possible, every weighted blanket on the market to our standardized test and see which one ticks all the boxes – the one we can wholeheartedly recommend for you.

There are so many products on the market – even more on Amazon – so it is really hard to choose a weighted blanket that works for you, and it is made properly as well.

We don’t have companies paying for our weighted blanket reviews – we are independent and we make a small commission if you click through and buy your weighted blanket from Amazon – there is no added cost to you either way.

We also link to the original weighted blanket manufacturers as well – we always believe it is best to buy from the source, hence supporting small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

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How Do We Review Weighted Blankets? The Full Process

Each weighted blanket review is written by us after thoroughly testing each product for a week.

To write the review our authors have to spend a week with each weighted blanket to get a better feel for the product. We test the comfort level, the weight and feel of the heavy comforter, how cool or warm it feels, does it have any negative effects and so on.

Our weighted blanket reviews are not only positive – we are not afraid to put a bad review if we really feel that the weighted blanket is not on par with the competition. For example, we are not fans of the Gravity blanket anymore – quite a few issues there as you can see in the updated review soon to be posted – quite a few reports of the filling going to the lower end of the blanket, the fabric showing signs of premature wearing and a few more issues like that which we are not afraid to talk about – we are not paid by the companies we review.

Why Should I Trust You?

Well, that’s a tough one. We are NOT really health experts for sure. Me and my wife both suffer from anxiety and insomnia spouts and while research potential cures and reliefs we came upon the idea of weighted blankets.

We decided to get one but it was REALLY HARD to choose one due to the sheer amount of products on the market. We got one of the cheapest one, didn’t like it, returned it and got a Gravity – off the Kickstarter campaign too. It was such a relief we decided to start this blog and educate people about weighted blankets, review the best of them and even review the individual products that are most popular and HELP YOU decide on which one might work best for YOUR particular situation.

We made a promise when we started – never get paid for a review and never put out a review for commercial purposes only. So we decided a week is enough to go through all the pros and cons of a weighted blanket, review each product individually, discover all the positives and negatives and get enough experience with the blanket to be able to get an opinion on it.

Basically, we spend a lot of time sleeping under a weighted blanket and we are already able to spot a bad product from the bunch, trust me, we can. If you have a bad experience with a weighted blanket please do let us know – we can probably help you resolve an issue as well if it is a major supplier.

We really hope we explained everything about our weighted blanket reviews process and if you have any questions or concerns please do get in touch through our contact form.

Looking forward to hearing from you!