Weighted Blanket Alternatives – Worth The Trouble Or Not?

You might have heard about weighted blankets and how good they are for you. You might be wondering if all the information out there is indeed correct.

They have proven to be very effective when it comes to reducing anxiety and helping people sleep. However, you might not be super excited by the price tag some of them commands. They can be a little costly so are there some cheap weighted blanket alternatives you can use? As a matter of fact, we think there are.

Weighted Blanket Alternatives

Some of the alternatives that are listed below might seem a little odd at first but bear with us as they have all been tested and work to some extent or the other.

1. A Blanket Pile

Blanket Pile

Take thick cotton quilts and fold them into a woven comforter. This can help you to get the same amount of pressure that you’d get from a weighted blanket. While it might not be easy for you to pick up your comforter once it’s full when it’s on your bed you won’t have to move it very much.

Use thin or thick duvet, the choice is yours. Just make sure you’re not going to end up with a comforter that’s too heavy for you to move under. You should ideally come away with a comforter that weighs approximately 10% of your body weight.

Up to 3 layers should give you enough pressure so you can sleep better at night. However, don’t be afraid to add more blankets should you need to.

2. Bean Bags

Beans Bags Alternatives

Bean bags will work quite a lot like a weighted blanket. You can, for example, buy bean bags that weigh as much as 20 pounds. These would be ideal if you were in need of a weighted blanket that weighed 20 pounds. Simply insert the bean bags into your comforter and use them this way. If you do not wish to use your comforter you could sew the bean bag between 2 blankets instead.

If you own a sewing machine you’re likely to find it so much easier to saw the bean bags between 2 blankets. Just make sure you keep an eye on the distribution of the bean bags so that one side doesn’t weigh more than the other.

3. Books and Magazines

It might sound vert unorthodox, but If you have a lot of books or magazines (newspapers) in your home you could consider using some of them in place of a weighted blanket. Spread the books out inside your comforter so that you have an even distribution of weight. You can always add some underneath and on top of the books.

While using books might not be the most comfortable option, it can give you an idea as to how much weight you’d need from a blanket.

4. Compression Vests

Why not try using compression vests that have been placed under a layer of blankets? The compression vests will give you a similar kind of pressure that you’d get from a weighted blanket.

5. Dumbbells – A Bit Unorthodox

Place a few dumbbells on the side of your comforter. This can help to weigh it down. Alternatively, you might want to place a few winter blankets on top of your comforter and add the dumbbells to each corner. Try not to add a dumbbell anywhere near your face in case it slips and hurts you.

6. Equestrian Blankets

Equestrian Blankets

If you have access to equestrian blankets you might want to try using 1 or 2  to see how it feels. Fold the blanket in half so there’s more weight and less surface. Experiment with as many equestrian blankets as you can use so you get the pressure just right.

7. Glass Marbles

The final option is to add glass marbles to some seal-able bags. Let’s imagine you want your blanket to weigh 20 pounds, you’ll need to place 20 x 1 pound bags inside your comforter. Don’t forget to pad your comforter out with a few blankets to make it more comfortable.

8. Heavy Clothing

If you have a few heavy items of clothing it might be worth your while trialling them. Add them to the inside of your comforter or sew them between a few pillows. Be warned that the clothing could make you feel quite hot.

Another alternative is to wear a winter sweater on top of your pajamas, or another pair of pajama pants.

9. Motorcycle Clothing

Motorcycle clothing is usually quite heavy. If you have a few protective items to spare you could place them inside a comforter or a woven blanket. You might well find that there’s a lot more padding than you realized but the weight could prove beneficial.

10. Bath Towels

Bath Towels

If, like many people you have an abundance of towels, you may want to consider using them. Place a few towels inside your comforter or sew a blanket around them. Just make sure that you do what you can to keep the towels from moving around too much when you shift position in the night. Consider sewing the blankets together to prevent this from happening.

11. Heavy Wool Blankets

While wool blankets can be a little itchy they can also be quite warm. A wool blanket also tends to be a lot heavier than regular ones. Why not place the wool blanket over your regular one so it doesn’t make you itch during the night?

Trialing your New Weighted Blanket Alternatives

When it comes to using your new weighted blanket alternatives you might want to do the following:

  • Make sure you have all the materials that you need for your chosen alternative
  • Decide whether you want your new blanket to keep you warm or to have a lot of pressure
  • Give your alternative a try. Lay under it for about 5 minutes. Add or take away some weight or pressure if you need to.
  • Trial your new weighted blanket for 3-5 days. If it works, you should start sleeping better. If it’s too light or heavy make sure adjustments.

As you can see, there are some great weighted blanket alternatives out there. If you don’t want to pay the price of a shop-bought weight blanket you could always make your own. Why not try using a few of the above suggestions? Chances are you’ll find an alternative that works very well.

If you don’t like any of the alternatives, why not just compare the best weighted blankets on the market and see if one of them can fit the bill?

1 thought on “Weighted Blanket Alternatives – Worth The Trouble Or Not?”

  1. I have a weighted blanket for insomnia/anxiety and it has been a lifesaver. They can be expensive, but unless people have the recommended alt. items already available at home and free, many will cost the same or even more than a weighted blanket itself. Also, weighted blankets have the weight without the extra heat. Mine has one side of cool material that is super comfortable and the other side is warmer fleece material. Using a bunch of blankets, clothes, vests, and the majority of the listed items, will be very hot and far less comfortable. This article has some good ideas for different types of blankets that could be comfortable, but not necessarily similar enough to a weighted blanket. I personally, would advise people to just invest in the weighted blanket. They are excellent and not any more expensive than buying a full bed set. Mine was $40 for a 15 lb blanket. Good price for an excellent product, MAGICAL PRODUCT honestly!


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