About Weighted Journal And My Mission

Larry HuttoWeightedJournal.com is a website dedicated to everything weighted blankets – who they can help, how they can help and why they can help.

Hi, my name is Larry.

I am the owner and main writer of the Weighted Journal.

Ever since I was a teenager I had trouble sleeping and had prolonged episodes of insomnia and restless nights. That led to severe anxiety attacks that impacted severely my quality of life.

I’m a computer programmer by trade so whenever I was allowed to work from home, at that was sometimes three or four days a week, I always noticed a warming sense of calmness whenever I used to cover myself with a throw that was made by my grandma and it was significantly heavier than anything else.

There was no surprise when weighted blankets hit the market running, especially after the very successful Kickstarter project of the Gravity blanket. I had to order one and after I did, was I glad I did it!

I can’t really say that it cured my insomnia or anything strong like that, but there was definitely a vast improvement of my sleeping pattern whenever I used the Gravity blankets. I was one of the first supporters of the Kickstarter project so I got mine pretty early. It definitely improved my sleeping quality and I noticed my anxiety attacks at the office were getting rare and rarer.

So I decided to go on a quest and find out if there are any differences between the most popular weighted blankets on the market, see which one would be the best buy and are there any that don’t deserve your hard earned money.

I either bought, borrowed or begged the manufacturer for a sample of some of the best selling blankets and got to spend a week or two with each of the models. I would’ve made a video review of each but I’m just not a front-of-the-camera type of person so that will have to wait, if it even happens, like ever.

So please head on the weightedjournal.com to see my findings, check out all the major health benefits a heavy blanket can provide and even some tips on cleaning and choosing the weight of your blanket on the blog.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give me a shout here or on social media and I’ll do my best to respond as soon as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you!