Chilla Weighted Blanket Review

When it comes to weighted blankets, there are many different choices and picks you can go through before you find the perfect one for you. However, let me say that from all of the options that we have tried, the Chilla weighted blanket one is hands down a top choice. It is a very high-quality blanket, that is suited for summer, winter and, any other environment that you can encounter.

You don’t have to worry about being too hot or too cold ever again. Some products seem very nice at first, however when the children spill something or the cat scrapes them, they lose form and aren’t as useful. This hasn’t been the case with the Chilla blanket. It has survived children, pets, adults, basically all spillages, and even burns. Before you go ahead and buy this item, let us share some details about what makes the blanket so durable and perfect in our minds. Here are the product’s specifications: Chilla Blanket Specs

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Chilla Weighted Blanket Features

Deluxe 3-Piece Set

Chilla comes with three separate pieces: a weighted blanket, a summer duvet, and a winter duvet. The item itself is filled with glass beads throughout, and I have never had an issue with the beads bunching up in a corner, as I’ve seen with many other products. What keeps them layered evenly is the 120 pockets of the blanket, which in my opinion is a superb solution to a very annoying problem. Each duvet cover (summer & winter) is made out of mink material, which is breathable and doesn’t cause you to overheat even on hot summer days.

These duvet covers are probably my favorite part because the winter one is thick and soft so that you feel incredibly cozy on freezing winter days and nights. There is some magic behind the Chilla weighted blankets, and it’s the fact that not only does it keep you warm, but it helps you feel safe and snug. It’s fantastic that you can remove the covers and wash them, so you don’t have to worry about any stains on your blanket.

Sizes and weights

Unfortunately, the Chilla weighted blanket is offered only in a 60x80in size, which is the exact size of a Queen bed. It was perfect for me; however, if you’re looking for something bigger, this might not be the one for you. This product comes in two weights, which you can choose from and they are 15lbs or 20lbs. You have two options since each version depends on your own weight. If you aren’t sure what we mean by that, continue reading and find out. Benefits of the Weighted Blanket

Benefits of the Chilla blanket

  • Fall asleep faster & easier

So, as you might be wondering what the benefits of a weighted blanket are, which is why we are talking about it next. They were created by scientists to see whether they could assist people with anxiety and insomnia. If you have ever suffered from any of those, or other illnesses, you know that there are days when falling asleep can be the hardest thing to do.  Thus, we have the creation of set product. Now, they don’t necessarily solve all your problems; however, they assist you in calming down and seeing life from a brighter perspective, and I am speaking from experience.

  • Deep Touch Simulation

The idea of the weight in the Chilla weighted blanket is to create what is called the Deep Touch Simulation, which said simply means simulating a hug. I mean, is there anything better than a hugging blanket? Before you ask, no it doesn’t have hands, however, Harvard scientists created the DTS to see how it would affect the anxious and insomniac brains, and even autistic brains. What it does is it rids the mind of cortisol, which is the stress hormone, and once you are under the blanket, stress immediately lessens, and you fall asleep faster.

  • Limiting body movements & pains

Another benefit of the Chilla weighted blanket would be that the weight assists your body by limiting its movements. That doesn’t mean your imprisoned, because that would create more anxiety, not less. It simply means that while you’re sleeping your body needs to rest, but some of us tend to move around quite a lot, mainly if you are used to dreams that make you jump. Thus, the limited movements lead to you waking up, and feeling rested and relaxed, instead of being tired and exhausted.

In my case, all of the benefits took around a week to kick in, and therefore for seven days, I thought that I had spent money on something that wasn’t worth it. Since I started using the Chilla weighted blanket, I understood that some things take time, and most human-made products do not work like magic. I am now grateful that I bought the Chilla blanket, as it has helped me sleep better than I have in years, which lead to many positive improvements in my personal life. If you think that you should buy one, give the Chilla a try, and I don’t believe you would be disappointed. How to Choose the Weight of the Weighted Blanket?

How to choose the perfect weight? 

Before buying a weighted Chilla product, I was wondering whether to buy the 15 or the 20lbs blanket, as I didn’t have an idea which one would be better. Likely, I made the decision after some research that I did, and finally, I contacted Chilla and asked their customer service, who are extremely kind by the way. What they told me was that usually, when people buy weighted blankets, they should consider their weight before making a purchase. That’s because if you are a tiny person and buy a super heavy blanket, you might suffocate or be unable to sleep. And the opposite goes just as much, if you’re heavier and buy a lighter version it might not be beneficial for you. The best way to pick a blanket would be to select one, which is 10% of my body weight. In other words, is you’re 150lbs, the 15lbs blanket is your best bet.

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Chilla price

Final words

To sum it up, if you wish to buy a weighted blanket for your children, please contact a health professional, as it might not be the best idea for a young kid. However, if you’re an adult and wish to buy one for yourself, I couldn’t praise Chilla enough, you should simply give it a try. What makes this item even better is the fact that it has a one-year warranty, so you could always return it if something goes wrong. That’s it for today. Happy sleeping!