The Origin Of Weighted Blankets – How Did It All Start? A History Lesson

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Weighted blankets have gained immense popularity among people from all walks of life. Though they are now sold commercially to everyone who wants to have them, they were once used as therapeutic pieces in the past. There are a handful of benefits to have, particularly for individuals with conditions such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, … Read more

Safety Tips When Using Weighted Blanket

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Safety Precautions To Follow When Using Weighted Blankets For Children And Adults Weighted blankets are now becoming more popular than ever. This is because of their wide range of health benefits, not only for adults but for kids as well. For people with sleep problems, a weighted blanket can be a very useful tool to … Read more

Choosing The Correct Weight For Your Heavy Blanket

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What Is The Correct Weight For A Weighted Blanket? How To Choose?   Weighted blankets weigh significantly more than conventional types. These blankets are now becoming hugely popular due to their numerous health benefits, aside from their main purpose of promoting better sleep. They can help many people from all walks of life get a … Read more

How To Clean and Maintain Your Weighted Blanket

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How To Clean A Weighted Blanket? Maintenance And Cleaning Tips Weighted blankets are important for people who have problems with sleeping. Aside from that, it aids in relieving the symptoms of certain conditions, including anxiety, restless leg syndrome, autism, depression, ADHD, and stress disorders, to name a few. There are many companies who create and … Read more

YNM Weighted Blanket Review – Is It Effective?

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YnM Weighed Blanket Review – Is It One Of The Best? Do you have trouble sleeping well at night? Do you want to feel refreshed and eager to start the day when you wake up in the morning? Instead, you wake up groggy and feel even more tired than the night before? Sleep is a … Read more

Weighting Comforts Sensory Blanket Review- Does It Work?

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Weighting Comforts Blanket Review – How Good Is It Really? Sensory Review Weighting Comforts it’s one of the best companies producing weighted blankets on the market today. Established by an expert in family therapy, the founder of the company quickly noticed how her clients loved the products they got to try during therapy and clinical trials. … Read more

The Magic Weighted Blanket Review – Is It The Best?

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The Magic Weighted Blanket Review – Is It Really That Good? My Detailed Experience Choosing the best possible product to help you sleep better is now a huge hassle with so many companies emerging on the market. Well, look no further – the Magic Blanket is definitely worth your consideration. Please see our full review, … Read more

Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket Review – Is It The Best?

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Sensory Goods Weighted Blanket Review – Is It Worth Buying? The Detailed Guide Sleep is extremely important for the human body to function properly and optimally. For example, people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a problem processing sensory information, making them unable to function and rest properly. They may also suffer from sleep disorders … Read more

SensaCalm Weighted Blanket Review – Anxiety Help

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SensaCalm Weighted Blankets For Anxiety – Work Review Do you really sleep well at night? If the answer is yes, you’re very lucky. Did you know that 50 to 70 million people across the United States have sleep problems? Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder, with 30 percent of adults reporting short-term issues and … Read more

My Calm Weighted Blanket Review – Is It The Best?

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My Calm Weighed Blanket Review – Anxiety Sufferers Best Friend Do you know how many people suffer from anxiety in the United States? Approximately 40 million adults in the country suffer from anxiety disorders, which is 18.1 percent of the population every year. It’s quite a number, right? I am one of those people who … Read more