Quility Weighted Blanket – A Quality Blanket for Improving Your Sleep

Quility Weighted Blanket Review

The Quility weighted blanket speaks for itself – it is short for ‘tranquility’.  The company started as a small family business but it has expanded a lot since its humble beginnings decades ago. Today, they offer a wide assortment of great products, including regular quilts, duvet covers, and, of course, weighted blankets. They might not … Read more

Best Weighted Blanket Fillers – The Ultimate Guide

Weighted Blanket Fillers - Ultimate Guide

Weighted Blanket Fillers – Best Fillings To Choose Whether you want to make your own weighted blanket or buy an already established brand product, there is always one question in mind – what fillers to use and what is the best option out there. Weighted blanket fillers are utterly important – you have to be … Read more

Moonbow Weighted Blanket Review

MoonBow Weighted Blanket Review

Now that you are here, checking out the Moonbow weighted blanket, you are probably aware of what a weighted blanket is. However, you may not be as sure about how to make the right choice when buying one. Well, here we are after we have tested a diverse selection of weighted blankets and can give … Read more

Weighted Blankets for Side Sleepers – Are they a good match?

Weighted blankets for side sleepers benefits

Weighted blankets have been skyrocketing in popularity in the last few years due to the many perceived sleep benefits they offer. Having problems sleeping is something we don’t wish on anyone. However, there are many people with difficulties falling asleep and staying that way during the night. In today’s article, we’ll talk about weighted blankets … Read more